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My name is Dafne Yasmin Alvarez Sanchez; I was born In Tegucigalpa, Honduras, on the 4th of September, and at the age of 10, I moved to Genova, Sori in Italy.

I started showing signs of depression at an early age and my parents did everything in their power to make me happy, but it was like something inside me was gone forever, and I didn't feel that I belong, it took me till I was 15 to realize that I was very insecure and that I need it to change.

Now in my 30's I'm grateful for my life, even do I still have moments where I'm not happy, and saddest is the only thing I feel.

I finally found the courage to put my life out there with the hope that it can help someone.

Mental health is a journey, but I encourage you to get help and never be ashamed about it because the most significant thing you can do for yourself is take care of yourself.

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What is beauty?

How can we define it?

How does it affect us?

Growing up, I was not confident about myself and my body at all.

The media show skinny girls with the perfect body, and I was in my head fat compare to my little sister and my mom.

What I didnĀ“t know was that I was never going to be like them since I was the typical Afro-Latina girl with "curvas peligrosas" like I like to call my body today.

Growing up in Italy, I didn't fit in at all; My Italian friends were skinny, and I had to deal with big thighs and an immense booty, so I was always wearing baggy clothes to make sure that people did notice me.

But it just didn't work, it was just making it worst for myself, and my parents were always telling me how beautiful I was, but like a good teenager, I didn't believe them.

I started realizing that I was cute in high school, and especially after I met some Latin girls at my school that became my best friends and because we had so much in common, my confidence started to grown.

I was also getting attention from boys, and that just boosted my ego, but at my first lousy relationship, my confidence went to hell, and I ended up going to the school therapist.

The therapist was a sweetheart she explained to me that there was nothing wrong with me, that it was just how things were between men and women and that unfortunately dating is cruel and that I was going to get my heart broken several times but never to doubt my beauty.

After that conversation, being part of a group of Latins friends and having supportive parents, I truly started embracing my body and my unique beauty.

I made not be super top model material, but in my eyes, I'm even better, and I hope that everyone out in this world knows that beauty is individual.

We cannot define beauty but we can make sure to make room for all of the different body types that this world has to offer.

We are beautiful creatures in our own and unique way, so let's stand up today and claim it because no one can make you feel good about yourself if you don't love yourself.

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